Become a beautician without frontiers! The international passport for beauticians

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What we offer

Label of excellence and professionalism

You have chosen to undergo training at a prestigious school recognized by the International Federation of Aestheticians. This school meets the quality norms of the INFA and prepares you for a brilliant career either here at home or abroad.

The INFA is in permanent contact with national and international authorities responsible for training and educational issues. It is a privileged representative of the European Commission on different training projects:

  • Equivalent rating of qualifications in Europe and the free circulation of workers.
  • Assistance with updating competences of trainers.
  • Studies into new roles that aestheticians are expected to play in society in 2010.

A rigorous programme

By offering its support to the schools that undergo a rigorous selection procedure, the INFA is able to guarantee exceptionally high quality international training that corresponds to the norms of the professional knowledge programme that is enforced.

The theory and practical program of the INFA Passport is very demanding and is drawn up by common accord between the different members of the management committee. It is regularly updated so that it reflects the reality of a profession in perpetual change as closely as possible. Pooling the sensitivity issues, practices, customs and legislation of different countries involved means that it is possible to respond to the demands laid down by the respective ministries and authorities.

The International Passport for Aestheticians, added professional value

Each year hundreds of students apply to obtain a passport. This International Passport for beauticians is a certificate that is awarded by the INFA after a knowledge exam that is supervised by an international jury. It declares that the holder has the international professional knowledge and technical capacity. For clients or employers, this document is a serious yardstick.

An international exam

The exam that leads to the passport is organised at the end of the candidates’ training in the member schools of the INFA.
It is supervised by an international jury and comprises:

  • A theory module, the goal of which is to test the knowledge of the aesthetician in subjects as widely varying as cosmetology, anatomy, chemistry, psychology, marketing.
  • A practical module that allows the jury to ascertain that the candidate is competent to practise facial and body treatments with the professionalism and seriousness that an aesthetician worthy of this title should offer their clients.
  • An evaluation that allows the jury to ascertain the maturity of the candidate (professional knowledge, general culture, etc.).

The candidates who are successful in passing the exam are awarded The International Passport for Aestheticians as well as a certificate. Those to achieve the highest score (at least 85% of the points) are awarded the Gold Master. A register of the certificate holders is kept in the international headquarters of the federation in Brussels.

The Platinum Master

Is awarded to students who are able to prove their skills and knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Management of an salon or spa
  • Sales and administrative management (software)
  • Communication and marketing
  • HR
  • Optimal establishment of a centre

The INFA backs up all the branches that offer dynamic training and an innovative teaching method and that encourage access to all the opportunities for professional employment. It provides support to all aestheticians that have obtained The International Passport for Aestheticians throughout their career.

We wish you a happy and prosperous career!